Choosing your photographer is an important decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Will you get on with them? Can you trust them to capture everything? How do you know they are any good? What if something goes wrong? Will they be inclusive?

The photographs are one of the few material reminders of your special day and I absolutely understand how important they will be to you. You are, of course, going to have many questions of your own. So, I’ve put together a list of the most common questions I’m asked along, with my answers.

My preferred photography style is predominantly documentary (focusing on spontaneity) and reportage (telling a story through pictures). In other words, a more relaxed and informal approach, although I will of course include plenty of formal shots, too. Basically I will capture your unique day as it unfolds and we’ll have a tonne of fun, I can assure you! I work alone on the day and don’t need a second shooter. I find this by far the least intrusive approach to covering a wedding.

It’s your wedding and you can have whatever you wish on the day – weather dependent and within reason, of course. You’re very welcome to give me a list of up to 10-12 posed group shots to work through.

I use professional Canon cameras with duel-recording capability and the following Canon Pro L lenses: Canon 16-35mm, Canon 35mm and a Canon 70-200mm. All post-production work is achieved on Apple Macs and using predominantly Adobe software.

It won’t be at all intrusive. It is my preference (and it is far less intrusive) to use available light and my cameras are very good in low light. But if additional light is needed it’s provided by Canon Pro Speedlite flashguns. Light stands are used for the dance floor only. I like to say I’m inclusive, not intrusive. My pronouns are he/him and, quite simply, if you’re in love then why not reach out and I’ll be really happy to chat about your plans.

I photographed my first wedding in the late 90’s (I’m still friends with the bride and groom, too!) and today it’s my full-time job and I’m easily 900+ weddings in! I now shoot approximately 30-35 weddings a year in and around Surrey and West Sussex. I’m based in Dorking, I’m very aware of my carbon footprint and I no longer fly. My kids asked me in 2016 what I could do for the environment and so I’ve stuck with it. I’m super fit and have plenty of energy to cover your day on my own. Fun fact: I’ll achieve around 15,000 steps from a wedding day and so I look at your wedding as absolutely the best gym in the world!

Examples of my work can be viewed in the Portfolio section of this website and on my password-protected Online Gallery (Some galleries are password free. You can also read what so many beautiful people have experienced in my Testimonials section. Instagram has a load of fresh images from every wedding that I shoot at and the comments sections can give you a good idea of people’s positive thoughts.

Yes, I’ll be your only photographer on the day as, through experience, I have found this the least intrusive approach to covering these very emotional occasions.

Yes 100%. Also, if you book me then you do actually get me. I won’t send someone else along unless it’s an emergency. This is so rare that it’s never happened.

Everything is shot in colour on the day and only after your wedding, in the post-production process, is around a third selected to be switched to black and white. If you’d like me to shoot your entire wedding in B&W then I’m very happy to do so and will get EVEN MORE creative! So cool!

The majority of the weddings I cover are in and around Surrey and West Sussex. I’m increasingly aware of my carbon footprint, as I’ve mentioned, however if a handful of my weddings are a little further afield in the UK then that’s ok. I no longer fly. I’m located in Dorking so several of my top Surrey venues are very local to me.

I have photographed from just two people (plus myself and the chauffeur as witnesses) to 400 guests (with perhaps a helping hand from ushers, the best man and a brilliant toastmaster). The usual number is around 80–130 guests, plus extras in the evening. Very manageable for me.

I’ll arrive two hours before your ceremony to capture those all-important bridal preparation shots (sometimes slightly earlier if you are having a church wedding) and will cover right through until your first dance, usually around 8 pm. I’ll of course come and find you both before I leave. For you party animals, I also offer the option of covering until 10 pm for an additional cost.

I always wear a waistcoat, shirt, trousers and boots to work and aim to blend in with your guests as much as possible. I don’t actually own a suit or any ties!

For the record, I have never missed a wedding. We now know with regards to a certain virus that any situation is possible! I pride myself on my reliability, but if for any reason I am not able to attend, I have a network of reliable and professional colleagues (100+) I could call on at very short notice. I would still edit your wedding to maintain consistency.

As I’ve mentioned, my Pro Canon cameras offer dual recording capability, so every shot I take is recorded twice using two separate memory cards. Before every wedding my cameras and lenses are checked, cleaned and the batteries charged. I am a Gold Member of the Canon Professional Services (CPS), which provides support to professional photographers, including repairs and emergency equipment loans at very short notice. I also have my own back-up professional Canon cameras and lens gear. I also have a backup car!

Yes, I have public liability insurance which covers up to £5m. Should your wedding be postponed for any reason, including a virus outbreak, then I will do my best work with you to find a new date that I’m available for. If you have to cancel your wedding for any reason, including a virus outbreak, then your balance will still be due up to 6 months before your date. Please check that your wedding insurance will cover this. Please also see my TERMS at the base of every page.

I’ll cover your whole day from preparation to disco dancing and beyond if you like. I charge £250 per hour with a minimum of a 4 hour booking any day of the week. Above 9hrs then I can include a stunning hand bound wedding book (Usual cost £495.00). I do recommend that you book me for at least and hour prior to your actual ceremony time otherwise it’s way too much of a rush. There are no travel expenses to add on within the South East and there is NO VAT to pay. Please get in touch with your date and venue, etc. and, if I am available, I’ll email you my ‘Coverage, Options & Costs’ brochure. If, however, I’m already booked up on your date then I will endeavour to recommend a super colleague to you and will copy them in on my reply.

I’ll generally wrap up my day with you shortly after your first dance. There is, however, an option for me to shoot through until 10 pm for an additional £300.00. You can even let me know on the day of the wedding if you like.

People have given me anything from two hours’ to four years’ notice, but it’s always best to get in touch as early as you can. The average is around 12–18 months’ notice.

I am very happy to chat over phone, email and a video call or meet up at the venue you’ve booked. I’m also happy to take an immediate booking; these are on a first-come, first-served basis, and are secured with a £300-500 booking fee (non-refundable). You will then be asked to sign a contract and/or Terms and Conditions available on request. Often, we’ll be able to meet up at your venue’s Weddings Fair or off-season and discuss your plans over coffee. Next, 3–4 weeks prior to your big day, I will contact you to arrange a time to call regarding the finer details for your wedding photography. The balance will be due then. If you’d prefer to pay this sooner, then just let me know.

It will take approximately 2–3 weeks to process your wedding photography (3–4 weeks during the busier summer months) and as soon as they’re uploaded I’ll send you the link/password to your BeUnveiled online gallery. Shortly after the gallery is live you’ll then receive your WeTransfer link of high-res images for you to simply download, from which you may print and post onto social media until the cows come home! (Please don’t forget to tag beunveiledwedds on Instagram or Simon Pope on Facebook.) If you’re having a beautiful hand-bound book with your photography then you’ll also receive instructions on the next steps to ordering that and it MUST be made within 30 days if part of receiving your WeTransfer link. After this, if your book is connected to any special offer, you will be emailed a deadline date and then on expiry of that date usual book costs will apply.

If there’s something I haven’t covered here, please feel free to complete the Online enquiry form or email me with your question(s).

SLR – single lens reflex
IS – image stabilizer (for use in low light)
EOS – Canon’s ‘electro optical system’